Benchmade knife helping with lunch



The standing theme for every club meeting is swap, sell, buy, show and tell us about your knife. You'll never know what you'll find or see at a WRCA club meeting!

Come visit us as quest are always welcome and bring a knife to show off!​

​We meet the second Tuesday of each month.

​​Our scheduled meeting s

 July 9 2019 - Restaurant Meeting 

Sept 10 2019

Oct 8 2019

Nov 12 2019

Dec 10 2019 Christmas Meeting

Jan 14 2020

Feb 11 2020

March 10 2020

April 14 2020

May 12 2020

Knife Show  at  Massillon May 16-17 2020

June 9 2020

July 14 2020

Aug 11 2020

Sept 8 2020

Oct 13 2020

 We try to have the doors open by 6:30 pm and the meetings start at 7:00.  

We hope to see you there!  

Warther woman's combat knife WWII


Dan's Custom Razor


Typical Knife Show Table



Visitors are always welcome. We hope you can make it!


The WRCA 2019 Knife Show in memory of Dale Warther was a great hit. Everyone bought and sold knives and had a ball.  The 2020 expo is staying at the Knight of Columbus in Massillon, OH. 

Make plans to join us that May 16-17 2020!


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